Cranial Chiropractic

Cranial Chiropractic Care may help relieve and resolve physical discomfort to your baby.

The birth process is the hardest journey your baby makes.

The spinal column of the newborn undergoes enormous twists and strains at birth, factors like pushing, positions adopted by the mother-to-be and medical intervention of ventouse, forceps and caesareans at the time of birth may put your baby’s spine under a great amount of pressure, particularly the neck and skull.

Even the easiest natural birth can affect your baby’s skull and spine.

Some indicators that your babies nervous system may not functioning at is optimum:

Chiropractic Cranial Care may help relieve and resolve physical discomfort to your baby caused by minor injuries at birth. Besides after the birth, developmental miles stones such as sitting, crawling and walking are ideal times for a check-up.

Chiropractic Care and Kids

Since trauma can occur at birth, many parents choose to have their newborns checked for any cranial and spinal health related problems. Later, learning to walk, riding a bicycle, playing sports, carrying a loaded backpack as well as hours spent on phones and computers can cause spinal health related problems.

Many childhood health complaints that are brushed off as “growing pains” may be able to be traced to the spine. Chiropractic checkups may be able to identify these problems and help avoid some of the health complaints seen later in adults. Why wait until child experiences a trauma or develops obvious symptoms, prevention is the key to good health.

Naturally, Chiropractic adjusting procedures are modified to a child’s spine, particularly babies.

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