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Louise and the whole Windsor Chiropractor team are wonderful. I was in a great deal of back, neck and shoulder pain when I first came to Louise. She immediately assessed me, gave me my first treatment and I am now on the mend; my wife is also seeing her and is experiencing vast improvement in her back and leg pains. Louise is very knowledgeable, uses fast-working techniques, approaches things holistically and has very skilful hands! She has also given me a series of stretches and exercises that I do at home that have greatly improved my flexibility and strength. Louise is a great chiropractor and I would very highly recommend her!

Client: Mike G | Date: 30 Oct, 2013

From a trainers point of view:
As a Wellbeing Coach, I have no hesitation in referring my clients to Windsor Chiropractor as I know the care they will receive will be to the highest standard, will be bespoke to the individual,with the best rehabilitation plan put in place for positive improvement and maintenance reducing the risk of future injuries and postural problems.
From a personal point of view:
Being a person active in sports and training over the years there has been many aches, pains, muscle tightness, tears, sprains and niggles I have encountered. One day having lots of pain I went and had an assessment, this was key as from here a plan of action was put in place for care of old injuries and improvements in posture and flexibility to aid my training. Having had care for the last 6 months I have seen significant improvements in performance and reduction in pain. I would highly recommend Windsor Chiropractor.

Client: Dan M | Date: 25 Sep, 2013

Louise takes care of me and my family. We all benefit from her care and advice. We look forward to our visits, not just because we know how good we will feel afterwards, but because they are relaxed, fun and social. I would highly recommend Louise Gordon to any one seeking to improve the quality of their and their families health and life style.

Client: Anon | Date: 02 Sep, 2013

Its always a pleasure to see Louise and she has helped me enormously over the last couple of years with my back. She's also shown me the stretches which I need to do to keep my back more mobile and flexible. A great chiropractor and I would definitely recommend her.

Client: Giles W | Date: 11 Jul, 2012

Having had Chiropractic care for a number of years there is only one person for me who manges to untangle my stressed frame. I have no hesitation recommending Louise Gordon. She has incredible depth of knowledge on health issues and through her guidance, advice, patience and care, I manage to tackle life’s physical challenges full on. She is great fun to be around and her take on the world literally embraces great health.

Client: J Spencer | Date: 19 Apr, 2012

I enjoy a variety of sports but also spend considerable time at my desk working with computers, and inevitably these activities lead to aches and pains. I find going to have regular treatment with Dr Louise Gordon is the best way to alleviate and manage discomfort. She's friendly, supportive and can offer sensible advice about preventing the re-occurrence of injuries and strains. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Louise's chiropractic skills and holistic approach.

Client: Helen W | Date: 08 Oct, 2011